17 Apr

Cultural Clothing


People have always associated the counter culture with how they dress. From tie dye clothing to leather jackets, the culture, usually youth culture is often associated with how they dress. And that is why we are here. To create clothing that is not just something that you wear, but something that makes a statement. You are what you wear and the right clothes can help you achieve new goals, which is why we have spent so much time focusing on what people want and the clothes that can help them get there.

At http://brightlytwistedtiedye.com/, we use the finest threads and seamstresses to create clothes that are of the utmost quality and clothes that can help people really make a statement. Other sites may have clothes that define a person, but we have clothes that define an entire generation. We remember the culture of every stage of American history and are here to make sure that what we are doing is creating something that people can identify as a cultural movement rather than just another site on which to buy clothes.

Clothes make the man

Or the woman, and that is why for years we have been creating some of the finest clothes available and have been doing our best to make sure that what we are selling is clothes that provide people with the quality that they expect at a price that they want. At the end of the day, we know that what we are selling goes far beyond fashion and that these clothes may one day define an entire generation or cultural movement. So join us as we continue to supply the people with the greatest fashion and the lowest price and as we document the history of the country through style and what people choose to wear.

28 Dec

Find Your Good Thing


My missing rib..

Yes as the proverbs 18:22 says he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains the favor of the Lord.

This post is dedicated it to all my brothers were still on their journey looking for their very good thing.

We can go back and look in Genesis and realize that even when God gave Adam Eve out of his own rib Because he made it clear that it is not good for man to be alone and he brings out the man a help meet.

But I have any advice that I can give I want to make sure that I make it clear that before a man should be looking for a woman he needs to have work. He needs to have something solid and established so that the women can be in her nature and operate in her instincts to follow suit and help add increase to what the man has set and established.

So many times we go wrong just trying to satisfy a temporary pleasure or just trying to get that feeling of love and affection that can pass so easily. This is why are women in naturally asked what do you do when she asked about it when you she meets you. Although she may think you’re attractive in your cute and you’re charming you have swag a woman instinctively wants to feel secure in who you are.

If you were a door she would be your spring repair to help keep you open and in full swing.

Whew and it just gets better. As we see the storyline of how God operates with in relationships that he can bless, We began to understand that God will give guidance and direction to the man to work and till the land from the sweat of his own brow in order to help build himself up in establishing his domain.

We see as the men continue to stay obedient to God’s direction that then God brings the woman to him. That right there is a while shift in paradigm where we see that we where created to attract not necessarily chase. A pursuit based on pulling not pushing and definitely not posting.

As we can clearly see in Genesis chapter 2, God ordered and directed Adam to operate in his likeness which is to create, to name, to establish domain in his territory. Yet as God looked around and observed the faithfulness of his servants Adam he saw that there was no suitable helper for him. So God did but we will call in modern days a surgery and caused Adam to go into a deep sleep, Removing one of the bones out of his ribs and creating a “womb man” a woman to help Adam.

Present day society come look at this model of relationships where the man understands that the woman Is bone of his bone is flesh of his flesh where they will unite and become one. The scripture says that Adam and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame.

That is a powerful breakthrough right there when we realize that God says he already has a help mate for you as we stay obedient to His will.

When Adam went into his deep sleep and God took the rib out of his body he brought eve to him. He didn’t have to get up and go searching like a lost a broken soul, his mate was taken out of who he already was and he found a beautiful woman as a gift from heaven to add and fruitfuly multiply the substance of who he is.


28 Dec

Tell it How it Is!

ThinkItSpeakItboxThe ability to speak your mind tell it how it is……



How much unnecessary stress do we burden ourselves with because we refuse to open up and communicate to others.

Maybe you can expecially relate to this if you are the one who others usually come to for help.

You’re known for your strength and your ability to comfort others so sometimes you forget that you also need a shoulder to lean on, An ear to listen, a word of advice, a comforting smile, an encouraging word, the universal human need to be loved and appreciated.

The type of liberation that makes you understand when Bob Marley said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”

The freedom of expression like a bird who has been kept in a cage but yet still had a dream of the limitless horizons and soaring over clouds. That Byrd could see all over on the other side of the window that there was a world bigger than the one that was confined in against its very nature. That Bird knows there more that Bird says there’s more the bird believes there that there’s more and that bird desires the freedom to experience the more.

But what is stopping the bird is the bars of the cage that limits the limitations that are keeping the bird stuck.

Sometimes we can find ourselves being that bird except the limitations that we have are not the metal cage bars that the bird faces but they’re more so like the invisible mental and spiritual bars that keep what’s inside of us from coming out.

But who do we want to communicate and express what’s inside of us to what is the formula for understanding how to do that right?

I mean do we just go up to a random surrounding person in the street at start talking their ear off and just tell them the innermost of our existence and who we are and everything we’ve done? Or do we find liberation in communicating and strengthening the bonds with those that we find ourselves to love.

Well, I don’t know about you but I can definitely cosign the latter because I have personally lived in this world without a resemblance of what the real essence of love is in my heart and in my life. I know what it feels like I know what it looks like they know what it taste like I know how you act when you’re in a relationship that you’re only partially invested into.

You see you can only get a surface level understanding of who you are until you know what it means to go in deeper with the God who created you, called you, saved you, and gave you a purpose and a reason to live.

That is the simple yet profound truth that I have lived and learned how to lose myself to see less of me and more of the great mighty powerful strong God that I serve.

That in him I may find myself a new creation renewed by his sacrifice and unending love that helps me stay sane in this insane world.

Unless I’m the crazy one and the world is sane either way crazy is relative and I am appreciative of the difference’s that I see between myself and the world. And so should you.

Be the change that you want to see in the world as Gandhi said.

Who knows exactly what the future holds? Not I,,,  I may have a general idea, but that doesn’t matter as long as I know WHO holds my future and that He has plans to prosper me to give me life hope and a future and he never fails.

And because of what my Savior Jesus did on that cross I can have life and life more abundantly, not through my works, but faith.

Let the church say


25 Dec

The Fine Refinement


O the process of purging and cleansing in the end and the whole walk that becomes renewed through salvation and purity…

The process is never easy the process never comfortable that is definitely something to be experienced that would act as a subtle or not so much subtly but with commanding authority a straightening rod that will chastise and discipline, yet quicken and establish once taken heed diligently.

Which is the point that correlates with this story of Moses who leads the children of Israel into a war with the Midianites.

So basically the children of Israel charging into war with the tribes of And so they go in and they conquered territories in with the midian tribes and they also the Kings with the sword and they find Victory.

And as they went into the lands and the spoils in the cattle in the beast and the the survivors in all of the congregations of the camp.

And if they brought them back into the Israelite camp the LORD commanded them to clean and purify anything that they have touched from the captives.

And then you get to the point where the LORD commanded Moses that only the gold the silver the brass the iron the tin and the lead, Everything that will last through the heat of the fire you will make you go through it and it’ll be clean, And everything does that does not go through the fire it’ll be purified through the water of separation and all that doesn’t go to the fire, goes through the water.

The deep pool of cleansing and refreshing living waters that flows freely and gathers for the purpose of refining that which can not be purged through the fire.

I bring up this story for the simple fact that it gives as a visual to look at a model in example of the process importance of purity in regards to that which is holy.

Although I am not sure how much can be passed along through the precious metals and gold and silver and tins that came from the enemy’s territory, However the Lord made it a point to be shown that before it was to be accepted into this holy place it had to undergo a purging and refining process.

Isn’t that worthy to contemplate as we look at our lives and how sometimes that we go through a process when you realize it in our walk with Christ as we are becoming more like him, And we spend time in his word and we spend time in his presence and we spend time seeking his face we realize that there are parts of our human nature that become rooted, booted, and renewed.

Maybe things that we learn to do because we are around the people that we used to be around and then we realize that this habit this thing does not serve me in my mission to serve the Lord.

And it actually becomes a weight that it puts pressure on me that does not allow me to fully be ready and present and focused for what I need to be in order to do what I need to do.

And to continue following the suit to follow through because of what’s needed to be said and what this Soul’Jah needs to do



24 Dec

Reap What You Sow


I’m going to tell you A story…


Is the same story that’s told when caterpillars turn into butterflies when tadpoles turn into frogs and when eggs turned into chickens.

This is story of love is a story of compassion is the story of patience story of seasons since the story of determination is the story of the investment is the story of harvest, An undying tell of what a picture of commitment looks like when we’re saying that we are growing into next stages if development and fruition in our brief life span of being rooted on this planet to bear fruits and multiply throughout the earth.

In a society that subscribes to the idea that you can harvest an opulent life from a dollar store investment in yourself,

Many times two parallel of sowing and harvesting is used to describe of parallels in different matters. Like how in Jesus we use the analogy of sowing and reaping in the analogy of growing crops in a farm, that correlated to a picture of the kingdom of heaven.

But yet today in this post I wanted to I want to turn it the other way around I want to compare the analogy of sowing and reaping, Into a story that caused correlations on a completely different field.

I want to use another story another narrative to paint the picture of planting a seed and birthing new life. A narrative that quite honestly I enjoy talking about and also experiencing in real life.

The point to acknowledge the bliss of a vessel of beauty that can saturate your heart with her tenderness in which A man can sow and invest of himself and the substance of his defining value to pour into her as they bind together as one in union as a seed is planted into her fertile soil of the womb which can then extend the life and lineage of their family establishment and harvest a loving and fulfilling reward that’s has solid generational returns on the commitment and dedication invested over the years.

Oh she’s a bad mamma jamma and she’s a flirt and compulsive and but don’t think that she’s promiscuous, but she doesn’t come cheap, and there will be risks and vulnerability, but if her passion lights a fire that fans your flames and set sails to your wings, then you found yourself willing to pay the price.

And what we learn even as we plant our seeds and grow the harvest which are our children we learn the blessing of patience, The process of nurturing and incubating and teaching and cultivating and growing and fertilizing, All things of which take their time and cannot be rushed.

The seeds that we plant have a process that they have to go through as our steps are ordered by the Lord, must of us are looking for the elevator, God doesn’t promise elevators, he guides steps, and those steps strengthen us. Add one of my catch scriptures says, “A man’s heart devises his way, but God directs his steps, don’t forfeit the process.

And when it comes to sowing and reaping we must understand that they are done in different seasons of season 2 so where you’re giving and maybe even sacrificing heavily with tears and need to be reminded Of the promise that they who sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Sometimes we try to get out of situations that God wants us to stay and to learn important lesson that he wants us as he’s preparing us for the investment of our Destiny and purpose.

We need to slow down and appreciate what we have for one who is become and realize that the blessings already ready we’re just getting ready for it.

And so it step back and evaluate what are the seeds that we plant to soe into our future?

They are our thoughts are with words or actions the things that we say and do and things are the very seeds that plant towards our future.

Well as you can see, where we journeyed through and the path we took through the conversation about the beauty of the essence of a woman into the very real life understanding of what and how we sow into what we are becoming and how our future unfolds..

Let’s keep unfolding

23 Dec

The Realest Real Estate


The Realest…

Have you ever be held the wonderment and amazement of a beautiful piece of property or well cultivated piece of real estate.

I mean a place for you look at it and you look at the size of your family in the people who you live with your tribe your village you say wow that can fit us comfortably.

I know that I have grown a sensitivity to the nuances of the different styles of architecture from my exposure to different cultures different places different regions and different environments.

I remember the house that my family moved into when we were down south in San Antonio Texas. It was one of the biggest more modern and newer houses that I have ended up in and one of the better neighborhoods that I have lived in and been apart of in my life.

I remember the excitement as my family had been wandering through different parts b of that hot climate looking for a place to settle our roots as we transitioned from the northern part of the country.

I remember a small brown house that had a trillion electrical outlets on every wall, I remember the feeling that we got from the vibe of the space and how it seemed livable but knew there was somewhere better for us.

We had a great time living with the family friends that warmly opened their doors to accommodate the transition of our family. We had great times hanging out and doing life with their kids, but the time had come for us to establish our roots for the work that my father was called to do in that area.

So after looking around and touring different neighbourhoods, like the for sale by owner property listed on Orchard lake road.

It is said to be beautiful because if it’s Latin twenty four 88 the right year 9543 one one 6 thousand square feet.

Many homes have been torn down down. Very slim pickings for. It is a project, nothing scares us. Whether it’s a property that needs renovation, or a vehicle that needs roadside assistanceThe updates that are needed can make it a super place once upgraded. 

We could have done it several ways, operate living quarters. Putting people in three kitchens, three bedrooms, three living quarters.

Wow that is a space!

Two more living quarters upstairs that can comfortably house a village tribe and a growing.

Now to translate the message into wax to the Big guys where they can make moves and we can make power plays with.

Now that’s what I call the realest real estate. What kind of living situation or reflect where you are currently positioned in the status of life and society?

Are you able to take care of your current level of responsibilities and keep the place in a decent level of orderly and cleanliness where you’re currently at now?

Is one thing that dream about extravagant imagery is trimmings and bells and whistles on that lifestyle but it’s another thing to be able to handle what comes with it.

I find that those who have standards of quality and excellence are those who are more apt to keep a level of the decency As a standard for the things that they do as a standard for the places that they live in the standard for the thing that they drive.

That level of order to leave nice and clean this is reflected in every area of their life and also the relationships but it starts with inside their mind.

So in conclusion of this post even though the conversation took many different routes I hope it still added light to what I see as the realest real estate.

21 Dec

Protected by the Power


I had to dig quite a bit…

To find an illustration that accurately depicts the message that I felt inside to bring out in this post this afternoon.

As I slipped and scrolled through gallery after Gallery of characters of pictures of illustrations of visuals that represented with him it should be protected by the power.

The reason why resonated with the pictures because as you can see the hedge of protection around the head of the perimeter of the head of the individual, Yet as you can clearly see the source of the power coming is coming from within the individual.

That’s me depicts a picture of what it means to have resolutions convictions and beliefs that you stand on that Define the very constitution of how you interact in this world therefore and also understanding that there is very little protection, Very little comfort for those who do not assert themselves into the full potential of uncovering their inheritance in the creator and establishment of this universal existence.

This point is taken into an even deeper level when we look at the scripture that says as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

What comes to my mind is the songs in the ninety first book of Psalms.

This passage yields what I believe is fortitude at to be able to stand in the peace of having a conviction of a powerful protective presence that intentionally intercedes and intervenes on the behalf of those who live their life from a heart centered disposition that yields to the perfection of the Most High holy and blameless one.


I will sing of his mercy, Grace, love, forgiveness, truth, strength, hope, joy, victory, peace, long suffering, power, authority, judgment, anger, forever, with my mouth will I make known, thy faithfulness to all generations..

No no no no that wasn’t the scripture right there mind you. That was just a personal song of reflection.

So ask yourself what does it really mean when it says that he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty?

I mean part of why this picture resonated with me was because it does look like the individual that is Picture appears to be in a peaceful balanced secret place where he just Appears to be resting securely in a shield in a rock in a fortress and a refuge a force My God in Him will I trust,,, yo that’s so powerful right there.

When we understand on a deeper level of how important it is to raise the quality of our thoughts because of the implications that has on our life, And you understand that your mind is parallel to an acre of diamonds and that it’s up to you to take in mind to mine for the diamonds to uncover its treasures, Then you already understand how powerful and empowering it is to have this understanding in your subconscious, Therefore reflecting on the way in your beliefs which shape how you take action now you speak and how you move in this world.

Then it goes on to say he shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings will you trust. His truth will be your shield and buckler.

So Right at this point it don’t need to be spoken to send it’s understood..